Eagles Club Victoria Aerie and Auxiliary 12

Activities at other Aeries

B.C. Eagles Provincial Convention

Thank You to Campbell River Aerie and Auxiliary #3097 for hosting a fabulous convention. Everything was First Class!

Next years convention will be held in Cranbrook June 4 – 6. See you there.





People Helping Pantries

People Helping Pantries. That’s us. Millions of people around the United States and Canada go hungry every day. Grand Worthy President Carl Burnett and Grand Madam President Athea Lane are asking everyone to make a difference by dropping off non-perishable food items to the Aerie and Auxiliary nearest you throughout the month of October in support of a local food bank. Help us help the millions in need by making a donation.

Encourage residents in your community to bring non-perishable food items to the Aerie or at a location of your choosing (should space not allow at the Aerie). Plan additional events to coincide with the food drive and utilize the festivities to act as a membership tool.

At month end, let the Grand Aerie know what you’ve raised so we can promote a cumulative total to the betterment of the Order.